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If you have a health condition that is holding you back from your dream, let’s talk!

At your first Session, we set the groundwork for every other visit…

1. We review what is going on with you, your health,  and your life right now.
2. We determine your goals
3. We create an action plan
4. We begin implementing your plan

Sessions may take place in person or on the phone. To set up a session, please call me at 614-209-6636.


Embodied Coaching
What do you want? How will you feel when you have it? What are your next steps to take?  Read more.

Nutrition Planning
Food can heal the mind, body, and spirit. Knowing which foods support which body systems gives you the power to choose the results you want.  Read more.

Craniosacral Therapy
This gentle hands on form of healing helps your body and mind return to a harmonious balance. It is guided by your  body’s inherent wisdom and helps move information from your mind, into your body and vice versa. Read more.