Leap photos 2013-5328It’s time to connect with the healing, comfort, and clarity of direction that you’re seeking.

At your first Session, we set the groundwork for every other visit….

1. We review your what is going on with you and your life right now.
2. We determine your goals
3. We create an action plan
4. We begin implementing your plan

You can expect to begin feeling better within your first session.

Sessions may include one, two, or all of the following options…

Healing Conversation
Sometimes you need to be heard before your physical body is ready to relax.  Read more.

Body Tuning
This gentle touch form of healing helps your body and mind return to a harmonious balance. It is intuitively based and guided by your  body’s inherent wisdom. Read more.

Deep Stretching
Using the Rossiter stretching techniques, old connective tissue patterns and deep muscular tension can be released quickly and efficiently. Read more.