Deep Stretching

Leap photos 2013-5573A deep tissue stretch…this is the essence of a Rossiter workout.

A Rossiter Workout is composed of precise stretching techniques (done with a partner) that loosen specific areas of connective tissue within the body. The result of a stretch is increased muscular flexibility, enhanced range of motion through joints, and reduced muscular tension.

These workouts take place with the Person in Charge (ie. the client) laying on a mat on the floor. The stretching coach adds weight to a specific area using his/her foot. The client declares when enough weight has been applied and then performs a precision movement as instructed by the coach. The warmth of the coach’s foot, the coach’s added weight, and the client’s movement combine to stretch the connective tissue of the targeted area.

For people who have pain and/or limited movement, the Rossiter Workout may be the answer to relieving that pain. For many conditions, Rossiter Workouts can be more effective than regular stretching or therapeutic massage. Many of my clients have tried other methods of pain-relief and they feel that Rossiter Workouts are by far the best way to achieve the relief and ease of movement they are seeking.